Sarah Marsh
A selection of 2018s

Pablo Chevrot “A good crop - started 26th August and finished 9th. It was a challenge to get all done in 2 weeks... to get a big crop in quickly. After this it would have been too ripe.”
“We had a new reception area at the domaine so it’s better; we could organise it. A little sorting for mildew and dry berries, but we always sort.”
“No problems of high degrees on white and red. We are becoming accustomed to warmer temperatures. As we use almost no SO2, we cannot have over ripe grapes. We need less alcohol and good pH to work this way.”
In this type of year not a long vatting. This year some remontage - as grapes were hot, we cooled using the flags and moving the juice to circulate the temperature. Pigage less. 3-4 in total
- when the yeast are active. The challenge was to press quickly. We had two presses. Luckily we had invested a lot this year. Pneumatic press 0.3-.05 bar. Not using end of press.”
“We use a Vasin for the whites. Crushing the grapes- very light. It does not touch the stem.”
“2nd warmest year recorded in Burgundy after 2003. But the vine did not suffer as it was so rainy in the spring. It’s a very interesting vintage.”



Grands vins de BOURGOGNE
19 route de COUCHES 
Accueil du Lundi au samedi  9h-12h00 et 14h-17h00 
Dégustation sur rendez-vous

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